The year that I’ll be back.
Right now I’m working on my fourth album.
Daniel Johansson (Friska Viljor) is mixing the final version of my first single “Golden”.
Release – soon!




ALBUM NO 4 “Music & Sway”

SINGLE ”Golden”

It’s been ten years since Lena Malmborg released her debut album ”A New Time, A New Life, A New Religion”. A record influenced by roots and country music and by the movie “Oh Brother where art thou?” Lena was deeply moved by its musical theme so she went on to create her own life soundtrack.
Since then she has released two more albums;
“Real Love” (2009) and “Paris To Berlin” (2010). There’s been blues and gospel vibes but also a more modern sound her latest release.
Since then it’s been quiet. For six years.
Three sons later and she’s back.
“To raise three kids takes a lot of energy. And time. But it’s come to a point where I can no longer wait. For a long time I have felt an urge to write, record and now finally release this album.
Some people listen to music unwind – I have to create it. It’s my safe haven. So that’s my story. I’m a woman, wife and mom. Nothing extraordinary. No crazy stories. Just life. And seeing everything that’s going on in the world right now, I sometimes think that’s exactly what we – seeing
and listening to that inner voice and see ourselves and others for what we are – everyday people.”
Single release ”Golden” – February 2017

Album release “Music & Sway” – June 2017

Where everything started:

“I was born in a little town in the southern of Sweden called Värnamo. On my 9th birthday my eleven year older brother gave me the best gift ever; an LP record with Muddy Waters. At once I fell in love, and after that birthday I only wanted records from my brother, because he knew my taste. I can now see that it have affected my taste in music very much.
I still love the basic elements and ideas of the blues and roots music, but this time I put other, new colors on the production. With help from Kristoffer Ragnstam, Klas-Henrik Hörngren and Joel Lundberg we recorded 10 songs in 2 Days in Göteborg.
I’m looking forward to share the music with you